Give Your High-Anxiety NP Students a Review Made For Their Generation, and Help Them Pass the First Time

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Meet your students' needs

Sarah Michelle's NP board-certified team has created a unique review approach that has led 40,000+ students to a 99.7% pass rate through an innovative live course.


Raise your program's pass rates while lowering anxiety

Arrange for program-wide access through new institutional rates and integrate into your final semesters so graduates can take their boards confidently.


Give your students a community

Students will enjoy preparing alongside a peer network of 29,000+ NP students through curated social media geared towards lowering anxiety along the way.

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The Courses

Customized institutional pricing available

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5 week intensive program to prepare your students for their board exam

  • 5 weeks of Comprehensive 3-course Bundle access.
  • A day-by-day study calendar that tells students exactly which course videos to watch throughout the 5 weeks
  • Interactions with an entire team of board-certified NPs who answer questions within 24 hours.
  • Private online community with practice questions and discussions.
  • Eight hours of live sessions with the Sarah Michelle NP team and student peers, broken down into biweekly 4-hour sessions.
  • Eligibility for 33 contact hours (7 pharm) upon completion of the program.
  • A passing guarantee. If a student doesn’t pass on their first try, we will stand behind them and give them course access again for free, if they complete the entirety of the program.
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Includes my Crash Course,  In-Depth Diagnoses Course, and In-Depth Phamacology Course

  • 16+ hours of content
  • Full review of 250+ topics
  • 100 practice questions with video explanations
  • Knowledge check quiz(zes) after the course videos!
  • Video about non-clinical content/the professional role of the NP
  • Video for managing test anxiety
  • In-depth teaching about 250+ drugs and 20+ heavily tested diagnoses
  • Geriatric video
  • Video all about need-to-know lab work
  • Eligibility for 17 contact hours (6 pharm)
  • This course now comes with the 100+ page Crash Course study guide!
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A great place to start

  • 7+ hours of video covering 200+ topics
  • 100 practice questions with video explanations
  • 6 pop quizes, one after each video
  • An extra non-clinical video for both ANCC and AANP
  • Video to help you manage pre-test anxiety and stress during your exam
  • Eligibility for 7 contact hours (1 pharm)
  • This course now comes with the 100+ page Crash Course study guide!

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